Booking Terms: 

These Booking Terms apply to the business named above(under the "Booking with" section of the Booking

Confirmation and the "Provider Information" in the confirmation correspondence)our officers, employees and agents

("We"/"Us"/"Our")and the person or legal entity making the Booking or to whom We supply services in respect of the

Booking("You/Your"). These Booking Terms are governed by English law and apply to all Bookings except where

We agree in writing other  terms. By making a Booking You are deemed to accept these Booking Terms.


  • Your reservation request requires that you pay an initial non refundable 50% deposit  ( at the room, date,

       rate selected by you ). The balance of your stay is due on arrival .

  • Bookings are made and a contract between You and Us comes into effect when We accept your  deposit

       and reservation request.

  • Bookings must be paid for using an acceptable and valid credit or debit card (Diners & Amex not accepted ).


  • All published rates include VAT where applicable(and local taxes)at the current rate.
  • Rates are per room per night , breakfast depends on room rate at booking , served from 7.00 am – 10.00 am
  • If you have selected supplements they will be added to the total price of the Booking.
  • Rates do not include other costs you may choose to incur during your stay(unless otherwise stated).
  • Rates quoted are correct only for the specific number of guests, nights and dates shown.
  • Should You change the number of guests, dates or room nights, then the rates are subject to change.


  • In the rare case that due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot deliver Your requested accommodation,

       you will be offered alternate accommodation.

Arrival and Departure:

  • Check- in times are specified on your Booking Confirmation. Check-in times outside those specified must be

       confirmed with Us prior to arrival. The Check-out time unless varied  on your Booking Confirmation is 12.00

       noon on day of departure.


  • If you cancel Your Booking within 72 hours of the scheduled Check-in time, You do not have to pay the balance

       of your  reservation, though you will lose the non refundable deposit.

  • If you cancel Your booking more than 72 hours before arrival, then we will refund your deposit less  a 15%

      administration fee.





Conditions of Stay:

  • We have some standard rules that are designed to ensure that we comply with regulations relating to matters

       such  as fire, health and safety and to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of our guests. If you would like to

       check our  conditions of safety please contact us.


  • We reserve the right to terminate Your Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or

       compensation  where You engage in unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance or nuisance to

       other guests.


  • Pets are permitted only by prior arrangement  and in all cases must use their own bedding and not be

be allowed  to sit or sleep on beds or chairs . Pets must not be left unaccompanied in the rooms at

any time and dog fouling anywhere on the premises will not be tolerated. If you need a bag please ask .



  • Other than for death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or misrepresentation, our total liability to

       You is limited to the price of the Booking and to the fullest extent permitted by law all warranties are excluded

        and in no  circumstances will We be responsible for any indirect or special damages.


  • We will not be liable for failure to perform to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond Our

      reasonable control. You are responsible for any damage or loss caused to Us or Our property by Your act,

      omission, default or neglect and You agree to indemnify Us and to pay Us on demand the amount reasonably

      required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss.