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Update  23/09/2020

All Change- from opening time  Thursday 24th September

The latest Government announcement means there are some changes coming :

Closing Time - Hospitality venues must close by 10.00 pm - that is not “last orders”  but closed and customers off the premises .Food last orders will remain at 8.30 pm and for drinks , 9.20 pm .

Table Service Only - We are restricted to table service only for food and drink . We are not restricting time at a table to a set maximum booked time , once tables are booked or taken.

Masks are Compulsory - Customers seated indoors will  have to wear masks, except when seated at a table to eat or drink – masks needed for trips to the toilets / outside smoking area etc. Staff must wear face masks.

These are  not options / discretionary but mandatory and subject to significant  penalties and fines for non-compliance.

We are making some adjustments at the Hawkenbury to best accommodate these changes  . We will endeavour to make the Hawkenbury a safe and pleasant place to visit  but need your understanding and assistance to make it all work.

The NHS QR code will be available for track and trace from Thursday.

 .We  re-opened on 4th July , but it is the "new normal" and things are different:

Covid-19 Operating Protocols at The Hawkenbury

Before re-opening, we have undertaken  a detailed health and  safety risk assessment, as a result of which we have made a wide range of practical modifications and enhanced personal hygiene and cleaning routines, as well as giving clear instructions to staff and guests , in order to minimise the risk of transmission at the Hawkenbury as far as possible.

This includes one-way systems, socially distanced tables, touchless  hand sanitiser dispensers installed and a number of new operating procedures .

Visitors will be asked to give their name and contact details to the pub either when they make a booking, or when they arrive. This temporary record will now be kept by us for 21 days so those who visit can be contacted if there is a localised breakout of coronavirus.

Pub rules from 14th September

In order to keep us, you and your family and friends safe, it remains very important that you stay alert when meeting family and friends.

Access to the Hawkenbury

  1. Do Not come to the  Hawkenbury if you or any of your household have, or show any symptoms of , Coronavirus
  2. Use the table bookings system on line https://www.thehawkenbury.com/menus-2 or by phone 01580 890567 where possible
  3. Follow the one-way signs, do not use Exits as entrances - one-way systems will be used to ensure people do not cross paths, with a view to  reducing congestion and minimising contact between customers.
  4. Keep your distance, 2 meters where possible
  5. Use the touchless hand sanitizers systems at each door (and in the garden)  whenever  you enter the premises
  6. Maintaining good ventilation is important and therefore windows and doors will be kept open as much as possible


Groups of People

  1. Indoors- groups of no more than two households (including your support bubble) per booking / table and no more than six people
  2. Outside- groups of no more than 6 people from different households or two households per table and no more than six people
  3. Limit social interaction with anyone outside the group you are attending with, even if you see other people you know in the pub or restaurant, i.e. Keep your distance
  4. Try to limit the number of people you see, especially over short periods of time, to keep you and them safe, and save lives. The more people with whom you interact, the more chances we give the virus to spread


Social Distancing

  1. No standing / occupying the bar -  use the tables .
  2. Where possible use our table booking system and as soon as it is available our App for table ordering /  payments system for food and drinks. Orders can be made at the designated order station at the bar  and drinks / food will be brought to your table.
  3. Drinks will usually be served on a tray and guests will remove drinks from the tray
  4. Try and use contactless payments where possible, rather  than cash
  5. Use the  outdoor areas in preference to indoors,  weather permitting
  6. Only one person ( or same family group) in the toilets at a time. Use the availability indicators on the doors to show when in use , to minimize customer interaction.
  7. Always try and stay at least two meters from those outside your household,  however where that is not possible, you should for aim for at least one meter with mitigations.

Music, live performances and parties 

  1. Music volume on juke box will be lower than usual
  2. No live performances or karaoke for the time being
  3. No live broadcast of football / rugby or other sporting events on the tv
  4. No party groups / celebrations of any size ,where it is difficult to maintain social distancing
  5. Slightly larger groups of up to 30 for major life events, such as weddings, may  be permitted , and must be pre-booked and agreed with us.
  6. No dancing, singing or chanting

Other Changes at the Hawkenbury

  1. We are offering a restricted  menu for the time being, with food being served Wednesday Friday, Saturday and Sunday only , except by prior arrangement
  2. Monday opening from 2.00 pm
  3. Menus are disposable and linen tablecloths have been replaced with  wipeable table covers
  4. Tables will not  be laid  in advance  and disposable condiments will be provided  to minimise the risk of transmission from shared condiment bottles . Standard non-disposable cutlery will be provided at the table in a hygienic basket , which has been pre-prepared at least  24 hours prior
  5. No glasses will be re-filled before being washed at high temperature
  6. Table football machine and dart board will  not be in use
  7. The children’s play area  will be in use,  but parents / guardians must supervise children to minimize contact  with other groups. The portable play items will not be in use.
  8. The pool table will be in use,  pool cues to be requested and only the two people playing  in the pool table area at any time .i.e. no groups or spectators . Pool cues not to be shared and to be passed back to staff for cleaning  after use .
  9. High risk internal touch points will be  sanitized every  hour during opening times
  10. Serving / kitchen staff will use either a facemask of full-face visor
  11. In the B&B rooms enhanced cleaning regime is in place and soft furnishings have been removed.
  12. Drinking straws are now individually sealed
  13. The open box of “Sweets For Life” has been removed

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